Friday, March 15, 2013

Lake Mead Ride

View from the turnaround on today's Lake Mead ride.  Made with the iPhone "Photosynth" pano app (free).  Ride was 3 hrs of tempo w/some intervals.  Legs still sore from playing on Mt. Lemmon, but I got into it.  I'm pretty sure the "NS" on the mile marker stands for "NO SMOKING." Or maybe North Shore.  Naah.

It was a little cloudy, which washed out the orange colors on the rocks some.  But it also kept the temp down to mid 70s instead of the predicted 90 degrees.  Orange rocks, dark blue water are beautiful.  When vivid, orange and blue create maximum color contrast, as they're on opposite sides of the color wheel.

I cowboyed up and ran for 40 min (walk/run) after, even though I was hungry as a bear.  Odds are I will be hungry after the bike leg next time I do an Ironman.

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