Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Avalanche Training

This weekend, we went to Flagstaff, AZ to do Avalanche Safety training, in the hope of being able to both Backcountry Ski more and survive.  We were out for 3 days in beautiful, warm weather (40F in the day), digging holes in the ground, learning to analyze the snowpack, and skiing around the backcountry having a good ol' time.  Our younger 2 came and did ski lessons all day.  The oldest stayed back in Tucson with a friend so she wouldn't miss basketball.

I brought my tri bike with the intention of riding at altitude (Flagstaff is 7000'; Tucson is a mere 2800').  But I opted to catch up on a major sleep debt that started with our drive back from vacation last week, and included 2 overnight calls in the hospital this week.  The recently snowed-upon roads were pretty manky and dirty anyway.

Given work and kid schedule, this was definitely my last ski trip.  I think it's good for my longevity in Tri/IM to have other activities, but now the SBR begins in earnest!


We (4 of the participants) rescued 4 dummies buried on a steep run using transcievers, poles, and shovels, in less than 30 min.

In the parking lot at Arizona Snowbowl! 

Gotta love truth in Advertising! Karen contemplates the merch.

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