Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stair Torture Machine Threshold Test

Per the PT, I got to start off with 20 min of 30 sec run/30 sec walk.  Manna from heaven.   :)

Then, a 45 min ramp-up through threshold on the Draconian Stair Torture machine, 30 min of elliptical, and 30 min of swim.  Moderation is for other people. 

The stair torture machine has a wattage readout, and just for the sheer geekiness of it, I recorded my wattages and heart rates for the ascending 5 minute intervals.  Here's the data, which corresponds pretty well to a lactate threshold/VO2max test:

Presumably, the machine's wattage algorithm is fairly accurate.  Power is force times velocity, which in this case would be:

Power = Mass x acceleration x upward velocity

Mass (weight) was entered to the nearest pound.  The machine measured upward velocity, and acceleration is your standard acceleration due to gravity.  It's calculating force against gravity at a known upward velocity (assuming one doesn't hold onto the railings), and asks for my weight to the nearest pound. 

One year ago when I tested LTHR for bike, it was 147.  Power at this HR was about 315W.  Run LTHR is 155, with a power output of about 330W.  This corresponds to a threshold power/weight ratio of either 3.7W/kg or 3.9W/kg depending on which threshold value I use.  The correlation with bike power is unlikely to be perfect, but hopefully it's pretty good, as it indicates some improvement over my test from a year ago (285W).

Not bad for a big 'ol fella who busted his hip less than 3 mo ago.


. . .think Scooby-Doo.

Anyway, here's the latest XR, as of yesterday:

I'm no radiologist or orthopod, but  the little rat-bite that constituted the fracture on the inferior aspect of the femur (on the right image) is obviously healed up on the newer (left) image.  This was to be the "go ahead" criterion for actual running.

John Woolf, the PT I'm working with, said that I get to start off with 20 min. every other day of 30 sec walk/30 sec run.  I'm chomping at the bit, lacing up my shoes, waiting for a reasonable hour to call Dr. Jordan Smith and get the official OK. . .

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Mexico Race and Step-Aerobics Week

 We celebrate the annual Rodeo de Tucson by getting out of town and skiing.  This year was a little different, as Karen found, and entered, the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon.  So our first stop was Grants, NM:

Ready to race!
Was she smiling? It's 18 degrees.
Four of eight laps on the Garmin
If you look closely, she's smiling!
Mama's rooting section
'Zooger modeling the latest in race fashion
Mama coming into the final turn!

Cooler bike angle, but without the backdrop
Karen with a medal and a beverage
. . .and a post-race massage.

Our next stop was Nana and Grampy Quigley's place in Placitas, NM.  We spent the week skiing and ski touring at Ski Santa Fe.  The weather was clear and the snow was pretty decent, given that the ski reports hinted otherwise.


Josh and Kelila waiting to hit the slopes

While the kiddos honed their skiing and snowboarding skills, Karen and I got our week-long mountain play date (!!!)  We took Telemark lessons, and picked it up pretty well. "Hiking" to the top then skiing down was our step-aerobics workout.  We practiced our alpine touring skills in the resort, with an eye to heading into the backcountry as soon as we are able.  Next week is avalanche training. . .

At the top.  Single digit temps, winds gusting to the 30s.  Lovely no less.