Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When Ridiculous Just Isn't Enough

“An adventure is misery and discomfort, relived in the safety of reminiscence.”--Marco Polo 

This past year, I knocked out a 50 Mile Run, Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Ironman Arizona once again.  At one point, all of these things seemed impossible.  But with them solidly in the rear view mirror, I feel like it's time to up the ante.  Not to take anything away from the these accomplishments, but I'm ready to try things that seem really and seriously impossible--a 100 mile run and a Double Iron distance race (281.2 miles).

I think that race distances are like kids--you just want to have one more, until that last one is just too much.  And I'm not there yet.

Yes, the lure of combining things that I really love--swimming, biking running--with something that I really hate--being awake for 20-30 continuous hours--is just too much for me to leave it alone.  Plus, I'm going to be 49 this year, at the "bottom" of the 45-49 age group.  Not that Kona qualification for the 50-54 age group was any slower--It just wasn't.

So I'm signed up for the Born to Run 100 miler in California, just 2 days after the big 4-9.  Then in October, the Virginia Double Anvil.  And just because that's what this year is all about, I will also be doing the Wilderman 140.6 offroad triathlon in between.  And IMAZ again 6 weeks later, only without all those pesky expectations of being in prime condition to make a run at Kona.

I'll probably find a few more reasonable things to do.  As always, Karen and I will have our annual Valentine's Day Outing, the Mt. Taylor Winter Quad in Grants, NM.

So, it looks like next year will also be full to overflowing with awesomeness.  See you on the trail, on the bike path, or in the pool.

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