Monday, August 31, 2015

The Ironman "Crankies"

It's been a good couple of "up" weeks of beginning to build to IMAZ, and I've had the first couple instances of the "Ironman Crankies" the last couple days.  Most folks who have been through the preparation and execution of an Ironman know what this is: cumulative physical and mental tiredness, leading to increased irritability, and unfortunately, a corresponding decreased ability to keep the mouth shut about every little thing that bothers me.  The Crankies are a sign of overreaching, a necessary part of gaining the requisite fitness.  But they are also a warning not to push too hard through the exhaustion into full-on overtraining syndrome or injury.

After 3 hours of power intervals on the bike and an hour run in 93 degrees, I got a little fussy at home Saturday.  Karen, experienced IMer and Ironwife that she is, asked where I was in my training cycle.  And then the light went on. 

Awareness is the first step in managing the Crankies.

Keeping my cakehole shut is the second. 

Getting caught up on sleep can't but help, and moving into a recovery week will make it go away almost completely.  But not entirely, thus the need to self-censor.

The Universe must be on my side--I slept all night long last night on overnight call at our Level I trauma center, on a Saturday, no less.

Time for a nice, toasty trail run.



  1. describes me to a T, except I imagine my training level is not where yours is, nor do I have the base to support it.
    but absolutely, I can relate. My wife periodically asks when the race is, which reminds me softly that I am a pain in her @$$. she supports so tirelessly, and then gets to deal with me. It isnt right, but Im trying.

    1. My wife says that it helps that an IM build makes me nicer to look at...