Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blowin' In The Wind (Tunnel...)

Pictures speak volumes, so I'll keep the comments minimal.  I had a wind tunnel fit with Aaron Ross at Faster in Scottsdale.  Compare the old position (also visible on top of this blog) to the new.  Definitely $$$ well spent.

Original position, wearing the 3D reference points

Computer modeling of old position.  Max knee angle a tight 132 degrees--far from optimal.  So much for DIY fitting...

New position, flatter back, head below the line of the back, knee angle approaching 150 degrees.   Not quite Sebastian Kienle, but closer.

In the wind tunnel, trialing a shorter tailed helmet and a new kit.  Long-tailed helmet was worse.  Getting blasted in the face with quick-moving air was exhilarating!
The "final answer," my original helmet plus a new, snug Castelli kit, aerobars up to 15 degrees.  2750 grams of drag.  Per Aaron, this is "definitely competitive for someone my size," and almost 300 less than even the new position started in the wind tunnel.  Likely to be notably less with a Zipp 808 up front and a disc wheel in back!

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