Monday, December 23, 2013

Post-Booger and Food Poisoning Running Extravaganza

The gang is skiing up in Flagstaff, so I'm doing the flexible bachelor schedule thing for 48 hours, meaning, when it's still fun.  I had a nice run: home to top of Sabino Cyn and back after work, 14.6 mi with 2,000-ish feet of elevation gain, in just a little over 2hr.  Like many first runs/rides back from idleness, it felt like a bit of an exorcism.

I started out feeling truly crappy, like I was covered in a thick layer of fat and boogers, which makes sense given the last few days.  Didn't get much better, form didn't really click, and I finished feeling like I was covered in a layer of fat, boogers, sweat, and sports drink.  But I finshed pretty strong.  And the views were nice:

Coming down Sabino Canyon:

Almost home.  Ventana Cyn at sunset.  There's a nice hotel there.

Time for dinner in front of the TV.

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