Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Visit to Tri-Mecca

We spent this year's Holidays visiting grandma Sandy in Kona.  Karen's half-brothers and grandma were also there, and it was great to see everyone.  We had your typical well-fed, relaxing, outdoor fun and family blast.  Having completed a couple of full Ironman races, the desire to swim, bike and run on the historic Kona course was palpable, almost as much so as the humidity!

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't ride the Kona Ironman bike course, and a little tempted to do it anyway, which is why I left my bike seat, pedals, and helmet back in Tucson.  Instead, I went for regular spins at The Club, and open water swims on the Ironman course (!)

It gets a little harder to get back on the plane each time we visit. . .

On the way. Views from 36,000 feet are inspiring!

The pool at Sandy's place, with moonlight and clouds.

Karen riding back on the IM course in Hawi
The seemingly innocuous road to the Energy Lab, where dreams of World
Championship glory go to die.

The Ironman Swim course, with buoys out to the 1.2 mile turnaround and
no boat traffic.  It was the site of many an open water swim.

Karen swimming in the bay with a "Safe Swimmer" float.

Ah, paradise. . .

Elissa completed her open water certification!

Kelila has wanted to surf since she saw it two years ago.  Thanks to "Surfer Bear," she got to do it, and loved it.

Manta Ray "overflying" a diver.  Taken on night dive with Elissa.

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